Sliding Door: Enhance your home’s beauty with Sliding doors

Are you thinking of renovating your home?Are you looking for interiors for a new home? MEDO sliding doors is the best option you will find. Sliding interior doors can add beauty to your home. Want to know how? Let’s find out.

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Need Less Room

Sliding doors do not require much space, simply slide on either side rather than swinging them outwards. By saving space for furniture and more, you can maximize your space with sliding doors.

Compliment Theme

Custom sliding doors interior can be a modern interior decor that will compliment the theme or color scheme of any given interior. Whether you want a glass sliding door or mirror sliding door, or a wooden board, they can complement with your furniture.

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Lighten up the room: Closed doors cause darkness when there's no open area of ventilation space, especially in smaller apartments.

Custom sliding doors or glass doors can help you scatter light across the rooms and make them more vibrant and positive. Moreover during colder months, adding natural light and heat is always good. Frosted glass doors with special coating can protect from UV rays, as well as add an excellent element to your homes.

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Sliding doors are one the popular doors due to their affordability, flexible design choices, natural light, and modern look. The best part about using sliding doors is their easy-to-use features, if you have kids at home, sliding doors can be a good idea.

Manage Space for Interior Modern Minimalist Design

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Modern design and more space available with sliding doors offer several advantages compared to traditional other door types. A great opportunity, especially for small rooms where more space can be made available for furniture.

MEDO’s sliding doors are suitable for installation in every room of the house in the bathroom, the kitchen or the living room.

Wall Mounted Sliding Doors

In wall mounted sliding door systems with hidden track, the door slides parallel to the wall and remains visible. The track and the handles become in this way design elements to be matched with the furnishings.

Sliding Glass Doors

The MEDO collection offers sliding glass doors, hidden or sliding parallel to the wall, with visible or hidden sliding track; full height doors are also available or with a low-thickness aluminum frame.

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Ideal To Separate Large Environments

Sliding glass doors can be supplied with a customized size, sliding system and finishes for metal and glass: from lacquered white to dark bronze for aluminum, from white to mirror for opaque glass, satin-finished, etched and reflective gray or bronze for clear glass.

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Get the best quality custom sliding doors by The MEDO Sliding Door

If you are planning to add sliding doors to your home,The MEDO Sliding Door is the best place to shop. You will find a wide range of collections, insert materials, boards, color options, profiles, and systems that you can choose for sliding interior doors.

Compliment your home theme, color scheme, and interior with custom-made sliding doors to enhance the beauty of your space.

MEDO Sliding Door offers top-notch quality and uses material passed from intensive quality checks to offer durability and a long-lasting product.

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Customized installation

Customers can choose to install their closet doors themselves or they can hire our certified installers to install the closest doors. We provide detailed installation instructions for all our systems.

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• Sleek aluminum frames

• Patented Wheel-to-Track locking mechanism

• Nearly silent glide with ease

• Glass thicknesses range from 5mm & 10mm thick tempered glass, to 7mm thick laminated glass and even 10mm frameless glass

• Adjustability even after installation

• Variety of styles to suit your interior design

• Additional feature: Our Smart Shut System, which allows for a very slow and quiet closet door close.

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